Zuccotti park

But activists can take the tour for free.
"There's a law against everything. That's America."
McMillan has already spent the last two weeks on Rikers.
Cecily McMillan faces up to seven years in prison.
"We feel that the felony mark on Cecily's record is punishment enough for this case and that it serves no purpose to Cecily or to society to incarcerate her for any amount of time."
“Most just wanted her to do probation, maybe some community service. But now what I’m hearing is seven years in jail? That’s ludicrous. Even a year in jail is ridiculous.”
McMillan is facing up to seven years in prison.
Two very different Earth Day events are taking place simultaneously today, one in Union Square, and the other in Zuccotti Park.
McMillan, 25, has alleged that Officer Grantley Bovell forcefully grabbed her right breast, causing her to reflexively spin around, hitting him in the face.
The defense had argued that the prior allegations of abuse against her arresting officer, Grantley Bovell, as well his involvement with the Bronx ticket-fixing scandal justified an examination of his personnel file
The protester is being charged with felony assault of an officer, which carries a sentence of up to seven years in prison.
The City and the NYPD remain defendants in the suit.
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