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If you reside in Zone A and were forced to leave your apartment during Hurricane Sandy, you are legally entitled to a break on your rent.

Public schools will not reopen tomorrow, and there will definitely be no mass transit service.

Of course a Williamsburg resident said, "I just got these kick-ass new stereo speakers and I am going to listen to those until the power runs out."

Many of the 370,000 New Yorkers who live in Zone A, and were subject to the mandatory evacuation, were blasé about Bloomberg's warnings.

Mayor Bloomberg implored New Yorkers to stay inside while the storm hits NYC.

"Hell, no, we won't go" was the refrain of some residents in Zone A areas.

Sure, Mayor Bloomberg wants NYC residents in low-lying areas to leave... but are they actually doing so?

Bloomberg warned residents this morning that they must evacuate Zone A: "Starting at noon today, mass transit is not going to be available if you have to leave. You have to start right now."

Behold the "City Of New York" cots and blankets that await you at shelters!

Are you a Zone A or Far Rockaways resident who needs to leave? You won't have to pay fares or tolls! Evacuating is so awesome!