"We are deeply troubled by this video," an MTA spokesperson said. "We have forwarded it to the NYPD and are also conducting our own investigation."
Watch as some walking dead hide beneath the streets of New York City, giving tiny heart attacks to the living above them.
BRAINS were on the menu.
A man dressed as a zombie rescued a frightened cat in Times Square. So what else is new.
Just because somebody does not agree with you on the possibility of a zombie apocalypse does not mean you should shoot them in the back with your rifle.
Looking at these shots from yesterday's NYC Zombie Crawl has us suddenly rethinking our Zombie Event Moratorium. If you must parade around like the undead, this is clearly the way to do it.
Are we over Zombie Crawls yet?
This new web series is beautifully shot and filmed around New York City's abandoned spaces.
Last night the zombies of Williamsburg once again rose from their eternal rest to wreak havoc, eat brains and drink. So much drinking.
Just as nothing says "spring is coming" like the first crocus coming out of the ground, nothing says "summer is coming" like the annual rising of the brain-crazed dead in Brooklyn.
The last time professional tinkerer Christopher Hackett was featured in a NY Times story, it was when an confetti gun he invented exploded in his face.
Hey New York hardware stores: where's our Zombie Preparedness Center? Haven't you read that new Colson Whitehead book??
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