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Watch as some walking dead hide beneath the streets of New York City, giving tiny heart attacks to the living above them.

Santonastasso, who happens to be a big fan of "The Walking Dead," got some help from the cast and crew to pull the "ultimate zombie prank" on cast member Norman Reedus, aka Daryl.

A NJ teen, born without an arm and both legs, has become a bit of an internet sensation after posting videos in which he terrifies unsuspecting shoppers by pretending to be a zombie.

Looking at these shots from yesterday's NYC Zombie Crawl has us suddenly rethinking our Zombie Event Moratorium. If you must parade around like the undead, this is clearly the way to do it.

A police interview with Stuy graduate/Miami face-eating victim Ronald Poppo has surfaced online.

While last weekend's cannibalistic face-eating attack in Miami has horrified the nation, one New Jersey woman recently discovered that the victim, 65 year old homeless man Ronald Poppo, is her biological father.

Zombies really do like the brains, it seems.

Larry Vega said, "I lived my whole life in New York and never experienced something this crazy."

Last night the zombies of Williamsburg once again rose from their eternal rest to wreak havoc, eat brains and drink. So much drinking.

If you're going to celebrate your love and impending wedding, why not have a photo shoot with a zombie?