Zephyr teachout

The Fordham Law professor and 4-time candidate for office in New York was flanked by her midwife and progressive leaders during a campaign launch in Brooklyn.
Teachout’s political attraction has never been just about winning races—it’s been about the greater insurgent movement that many believe she helped move forward when she first stepped up to challenge Cuomo four years earlier.
Attorney General candidate Zephyr Teachout connects the future of New York with that of her first child in a campaign ad that features her getting an ultrasound.
In more than one instance, the fact that Teachout grew up on a farm in Vermont was floated as an insult.
'I think there’s a lot of recognition across the state that the way Andrew Cuomo does his politics and governing is deeply intertwined and that is to the detriment of New York.'
The AG's race is considered to be wide open.
In an 18-minute discussion, Tish talked about how the next attorney general can combat corruption in Albany, why she's being criticized for her relationship with the governor, and what it will take to make public officials and state agencies more transparent.
Governor Andrew Cuomo won yesterday's primary against an opponent he refused to debate or even acknowledge.
Voting in tomorrow's Democratic primary is the surest way to make your voice heard in a state that is controlled largely by the Democratic machine.
See no evil standing directly in front you, hear no evil standing directly in front of you, pretend no evil.
We spoke with Wu about his libertarian streak, his ambivalence on congestion pricing, and how New York could stop the Comcast-Time Warner merger.
Zephyr Teachout is a longshot to beat Andrew Cuomo. So why is the governor afraid to face her in a debate?
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