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Fort Hamilton in Bay Ridge boasts two streets named after Confederate generals.

Brooklynites packed Union Temple to the rafters Wednesday night for a town hall with U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke.

"Slavery. Really? I didn’t realize there was slavery in Brooklyn in 1898," Colbert said. “It sounds like a horrible part of the United States that kept slavery going until 1898."

While nobody knows what Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is going to do after leaving office, we can now definitely say one thing the 67-year-old isn't going to do: run against Yvette Clarke for Congress

Because at this point it wouldn't be a Monday without some

Brooklyn Rep. Yvette Clarke is a pretty big spender when it

Photograph of a Manhattan polling place by Daniella Zalcman on Flickr

Today is the NY State Presidential Primary. If you're a registered

The family of late Detective Dillon Stewart was joined by Parks Commissioner

It took two elections, an investigation without much resolution, hundreds of thousands