One parent likened the inability to set online parental controls to “a farm without a fence, where they’re just able to wander around” on the internet.
The teen suffered third-degree burns covering more than 40 percent of his body.
Gasoline is not an ingredient in desserts.
Listen to Courtney talk about chanting and stage diving.
Is YouTube the new MTV?
YouTube allows Robin Thicke's uncensored video to be hosted on their site, but they've banished us for posting an artsy video showing bare breasts.
Tim and Joelle are our new favorite tourists.
In which a garbage man marks his territory..."where kids sit."
We're going to get through this, people.
Jay-Z's final (for now) show at Barclays Center tomorrow night will stream on his new YouTube channel, LIVE!
Someone decided to insert Luke Skywalker and friends into the "30 Rock" opening credit sequence, and now we've got this hilarious video floating around the WebVerse.
The mother said, "Breastfeeding for me was the most rewarding thing I had ever done in my life. I wanted to share that with people. I wanted to really give back."
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