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The city is wrapping up a record-setting summer with 100,000 jobs for young New Yorkers.

Murphy will assume the chairmanship of the National Governor's Association on Friday with a call to expand services and fight stigma.

"I just want to do better for myself. I want to get a job and move forward with life. You know?"

Should teenagers be allowed onto Community Boards?

One kid walked away with $50,000 after winning a texting competition in Times Square.

Michael Bay apparently wants to give George Lucas a run for his money when it comes to the title of "destroyer of your youth."

Suffolk County police found tools of the trade like tattoo guns and ink in Thompson-Pike's Central Islip home, and were tipped off of her business model by a concerned parent.

Three years since its inception, the Lingerie Football League has announced its intentions to launch a youth football division to give girls with pigtails a chance to throw around pigskins.

A rep from the NYPD tells us that the teens were "climbing high up on the beams and hanging over ledges."

Even if you're not allowed to go to the prom, bringing a fake uzi to school is never a good idea (except on "Bring Your Uzi To School Day").