How to say Good-Bye To All That without sacrificing your favorite ax-throwing joint.
The officer was off-duty at the time.
A Westchester man has been has been arrested and charged in connection with an alleged robbery spree that targeted livery cab drivers in the Bronx, Mount Vernon, and Yonkers, police confirmed.
Police are searching for the person who destroyed a bust of Christopher Columbus was in Yonkers over the weekend.
The dispatcher told the father, "Listen the baby's going to be slippery, you got to catch it. Don't let it fall, you got to catch the baby."
She is reportedly the mother of his child.
He faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.
Someone from the NY State DEC said that bears are basically big raccoons.
Dearden has been reassigned at the NYPD, where she would previously screen new recruits.
Yonkers police have arrested a man suspected of hanging dozens of plastic bags containing dead cats on tree branches near his home.
The husband of an NYPD-affiliated psychologist has accused his wife of attempting to murder him, execution-style, with an antique derringer, in order to clear the path to run off with her Texas-based lover.
"He died doing God's work in front of everybody that he loved. So it hurts, but I feel confident knowing that he's with the Lord."
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