"Yes we're here. The boys are here. Everybody's here, The boys are in class with the Rebbeim. Everybody's learning."
The NYPD broke up an illegally-operated ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva in Brooklyn this afternoon after receiving a tip about many children being inside.
"It started slowly, and by now, after the holiday, even the bigger schools are slowly opening more and more classes."
'Don’t you think the public deserves to know that mayoral control of 1.1 million public children depended entirely on appeasing specific senators and yeshiva leaders by delaying this report?'
Some parents said their children got new books to display on their desks just for the inspections and were told to speak English in classes where they typically speak Yiddish.
A video shows the car scaling the sidewalk.
'I think the city should have taken a much tougher approach the minute they realized our allegations seemed to be true, that tens of thousands of children are being denied an education.'
Governor Andrew Cuomo received the endorsement of the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg on Thursday, after reportedly promising not to interfere with New York's yeshivas.
Officials say that they still haven't been granted access to 15 of the controversial yeshivas.
A new lawsuit alleges that a powerful state senator has successfully and unconstitutionally forced the state to ease its oversight of yeshivas.
"You are lucky to have this job," the driver's boss supposedly said when he complained.
When Hyppolite, who is black, told the men to leave him alone, they allegedly insulted him with racial slurs, threw garbage cans at him; beat him in the face, arms and legs; and tried (unsuccessfully) to steal his dog.
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