Yellow cabs

Yellow cabs will now be listed on the Uber app in NYC, but taxi advocates say they need more clarity on how the program will work.
'By the time they get around to fixing this, how many more lives will have been destroyed?'
But green cab pickups are up 38%!
After an epic battle waged by yellow cab drivers over the unfairness of e-hail apps, NYC taxis joining the scrum themselves.
It was fun for the few hours it lasted.
An app from Uber means you will never have to raise your arm for a cab, or maybe anything, ever again.
That mythical smartphone-powered future of cabbing in which you won't even have to raise your arm to get a taxi ride is going to take a bit longer to become reality.
If a few companies get their way you could soon be legitimately hailing cabs with a smartphone—who cares if that could create a "two-tiered taxi system" for the smartphone-haves and the smartphone-have nots.
Taxi owners won another round Monday in their fight against the
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