Yellow cab

The taxi industry has been weathering upheavals, including the entrance of for-hire vehicle apps, plummeting medallion values and the pandemic.
The taxi drivers' union hailed the news.
The value of a yellow taxi medallion has plummeted from more than $1.2 million at its peak in 2014 to about $100,000 today.
She was crossing Broome and Centre Streets when she was hit by a cab driver.
The last time they tried this was in 2015.
The victim is in critical condition.
8.4 percent of reported stranger rapes took place in for-hire vehicles in 2015.
Minus the surge pricing.
"It's gonna get worse. In the garage, we've actually been piling the cabs on top of each other on car lifts."
New Yorkers stopped to appreciate the smoldering hunk of metal as the life drained from its plastic encasing.
It's not technically legal, but hey, who's counting.
Before we worry about making it easier to catch a cab in the outer boroughs, maybe we should make it easier to catch a cab while black? City Councilman James Sanders would certainly appreciate it.
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