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Lawmakers are looking to curb the number of traffic fatalities, arguing that city control over speed cameras would make for safer streets.

"If we have the ability to carry a gun, you know how many problems we're going to have?" replied one deli owner.

The plan would give New Yorkers who are legal permanent residents as well as those authorized to work in the country the right to cast a ballot in city elections.

'I don't know how much longer this can go on until the city is completely unaffordable. I mean, where else can people go?'

At least one protester, a member of Community Board 12, was arrested on Friday.

The votes mean that it is very likely the rezoning will pass a full Council vote next week.

'Right now it’s a total free-for-all — it’s not regulated, it’s under-priced. Half of all traffic is motorists circling the block incessantly, and permits discourage that and encourage turnover.'

Bollards and street redesigns to prevent drivers from achieving ramming speeds are what are needed to prevent future mass casualty car attacks, experts say.

"It was those bollards that kept that driver yesterday from killing more people."