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A New Jersey state senator is gearing up for marine class warfare between the have-nots and have-yachts.

Even though the wind didn't cooperate with the racing part of the day, some 75,000 spectators came out to Battery Park City yesterday for the historic return of the America's Cup to NYC.

Look, you'd be a little bitey too if you'd just been stuck on a yacht for five days and then only had one empty seat next to you on a flight.

"They had lost all of the electronics on board their boat after reportedly some kind of explosion."

Never ones to take fairness lying down, a group of executives at the brokerage firm Jefferies Group are threatening to sue or quit or both if their pay isn't up to par.

Called the "Serene," the $300 million yacht is the ninth largest of its kind in the world and features a saltwater swimming pool, two helipads, and a port for a submarine.

A Queens used-car salesman has been accused of embezzling $7 million