"We need to stand up and say we are New Yorkers here and we are equal. The illness is a disease no one wanted."
The incident took place on a Manhattan-bound Q train shortly after 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday.
28 people slept outside in the cold rain last night in hopes of raising support for refugees all around the world.
A 69-year-old Queens woman of Puerto Rican descent successfully fended off an attacker shouting "Get the fuck out of my country! You should be deported!"
For as long as there have been fascists, there have been foes of fascism. But what does "fascism" mean in 2017?
"It's like the city is actually paying Donald Trump to run a luxury golf course that caters to the rich."
Donald Trump suggested that President Obama may be supporting terrorism in the wake of the Orlando massacre.
Start your day with a bracing jolt of xenophobic bloodlust...
But a police union spokesman says they're just isolated incidents.
One Queens Village man decided to fight back against diversity by posting images of hardcore porn in his front windows in order to scare his immigrant neighbors away from his block.
The utility had given Park 51 a notice to pay the $1.7 million by October 4 or face eviction.
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