The only requirement they say is a "passion for writing and an aspiration to travel with Amtrak for inspiration."
The description of the novel is enough to make our mouths water: it's a "historical romance on New York in the early days of the internet." And below, you can read the first page!
Last week there were rumblings of the writers' strike coming to an
The presidential race has been a goldmine for talk shows (well,
Multiple news outlets are reporting that the WGA strike could be over
Due to the Writer's Guild of America strike, Hollywood's party, the
Building workers such as doormen, office cleaners, and janitors will probably not
As we previously mentioned, the late night heavyweights have been angling to
CNBC's Money Honey Money Honey Says Mind the Gap Earlier this week,
After Letterman announced his show's comeback with new episodes, writers' strike or
Sick of watching reruns? Nervous you'll only get 8 episodes of Lost
Barack may have Oprah, but the stagehands' and writers' union have
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