'Queers and Queens have always been attracted to wrestling for the obvious reasons-tights, makeup, and camp. It was only a matter of time before we created our own version.'
The suspect was charged with assault and criminal trespassing for punching Bret Hart during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony at Barclays Center this weekend.
'Wrestling is scripted, but it is not fake. We're really going through everything we're putting our bodies through, all this stress and all this punishment.'
An allegedly racist referee is causing an uproar in a New Jersey school district.
This is something you don't stumble upon everyday as you piledriver your way to work to chokeslam your coworkers.
On Sunday morning, the official POTUS account tweeted a Wrestlemania video of Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo photoshopped over his head.
"This has been a wake-up call for our team. A culture change is obviously needed, and rest assured, it will take place," team members wrote in an apology.
"Columbia bitches feel entitled to something."
Stewart has always had a soft spot for pro wrestling.
The NJ Attorney General is aware of the incident.
Mean Gene Okerlund interviews artist Andy Warhol backstage at a huge wrestling event at MSG in 1985.
Sometimes a national story is so important, so compelling, that we
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