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Among the stations that have spent the past year dealing with Sinclair's apparent duplicity is New York's own WPIX.

Some fun facts about the Yule Log, including ties to Gracie Mansion and Whit Stillman.

Arthur Chi'en is set to make his first appearance on WPIX since his attack late last year.

Jimmy McMillan may be running for president but that doesn't mean

(via springhudson's flickr). Is there trouble at WPIX? The news division

Are Marvin Scott and Kaity Tong too old for TV? Former

"Bad boy" TV newsreporter Vince DeMentri, who had a slappy altercation

"Bad Boy" Vince DeMentri NYC has a proud tradition of endlessly

We'd love to tell you what happened last night... but all

On June 15, 1948, WPIX signed on as the second independent television