World trade center memorial

One World Trade Center, January 13, 2011 (via Ryan Budhu's flickr).
Photograph by Joe Woolhead/Silverstein Properties Officials say that the long-awaited 9/11
Memorial Park Acting on a dare, a drunk Harvard Law School
Nearly six years ago, in November 2003, a design called Reflecting
At a NY State Assembly hearing yesterday, Port Authority Executive Director Chris
Sure, the Port Authority has promised that the World Trade Center Memorial
Once planned to open on September 11, 2009, now the NY Times
A Long Island City concrete firm won a contract to provide
Mayor MIchael Bloomberg's largess makes him the country's seventh biggest charitable donor.
It looks like the World Trade Center Memorial has hit a delay.
Mayor Bloomberg's generosity has been noted from educational institutions (like his
Arno Herwerth, the Long Island man who the DMV rejected his
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