World trade center

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in New York City for the Global Citizen Live concert on Saturday.
President Biden, joined by former Presidents Obama and Clinton, paid respects at the 9/11 Memorial plaza on Saturday.
First responders who worked at Ground Zero frequently run into red tape as they develop chronic conditions such as cancer. These long-term illnesses tend to emerge well after exposure to health hazards, making it hard to prove cause and effect.
After the attacks, the NYPD moved rapidly to develop its own global intelligence and counterterrorism capabilities.
Donald Trump didn't show up in Manhattan today, sending Pence in his stead.
Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden will attend the 9/11 Memorial Museum Ceremony while Vice President Mike Pence will attend the Tunnel to Towers ceremony.
It would be an understatement to say that Lower Manhattan has undergone radical change over the last hundred years.
West and his Sunday Service choir performed the new song early Friday morning at the Oculus.
The Newseum in Washington D.C. is closing its doors at the end of this year.
Despite assurances that repairs would be finished by September 11th, the retractable skylight at the Oculus did not open this morning in what was to have been an annual tribute to 9/11 victims.
'I saw the crash of the plane in the North Tower,' a student recalled.
After the NY Times declared 'not everyone is a fan' of the scent now permeating 1WTC, I dropped by for a sniff.
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