World records

Burn that certificate!
He still has to earn the approval of Canadian officials to walk across their side of the waterfalls, and they've expressed trepidation that his act would hurt Niagara Falls' reputation, whatever that means.
Queens magician Richie Magic decided to skip past the vaguely creepy
If you think you have a quantifiable talent, The Universal Record Database
The most expensive dessert in the world (pictured) used to be the
Congratulations ot Brian Brockmeyer, Stefan Karpinski, Andrew Weir, Jason Laksa, Bill
Some high school reunions spurs thoughts of regret and schadenfreude. The
Brilliant! It seems that Snapple wanted to break some Guinness Book
Oh, as it turned out, Carvel was able to make the world's
A village in Russia wants to make it into the Guinness Book
This Sunday, the Unbelievable Show tries to break the Guiness Book of
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