World cup

The parade is Wednesday, July 10, at 9:30 a.m.
This is the first ticker-tape parade in NYC for a women's team.
Gale Brewer points out there's never been a ticker tape parade to honor a women's team.
The U.S. team is the favorite.
Five corporate executives were also charged.
Mario Götze was the hero, scoring in extra time to earn Germany's fourth championship.
It's the artistry of Argentina versus the ruthless efficiency of Germany!
Four goals in six minutes helped Germany shock the host nation and send them to their eight World Cup championship match.
Brazil defeated Colombia 2-1, but Neymar suffered a broken vertebra.
France takes on Germany and Brazil hosts Colombia as the quarterfinal round gets underway this afternoon.
In Brazil, finding a way forward.
Tuesday's World Cup action brought us heartbreak, despair, frustration, anguish, and Argentina advancing past Switzerland.
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