The legislation, signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, sets enforceable health and safety standards to protect workers from COVID-19 and future airborne infectious diseases in the workplace.
"We are a tad behind in reconciling our balances."
Mayor de Blasio and union leaders joined hundreds of Rite Aid cashiers, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and other workers Tuesday night at a protest for better healthcare benefits and higher pay.
Starting on December 31st, tipped workers will earn a minimum of $7.50 an hour.
These men built New York City from the ground-up, hovering high over the streets below.
What do people under 20 need with a living wage?
The pressure for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to bring the paid sick time act to a vote just keeps mounting.
"McDonald's says billions and billions served and they aren't even offering sick days or able to pay you for an honest days work? That's some bull... ish!" City Council member Jumaane Williams told workers yesterday.
According to Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts, BP recruited workers for the
Is another transit strike looming on the horizon? Yesterday over 350
djwerdna's Flickr The owner of a popular Thai restaurant in the
Three workers at a private recycling facility in Jamaica, Queens died
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