Woolworth building

Picture what an apartment in the historic Woolworth Building should look like... now picture the opposite
Cocktails, jumped up pub grub and board games built into the tables.
The iconic building has been transformed into new residences, so this is a rare opportunity to go to the top.
You just need to take seven selfies—with seven important NYC buildings.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Woolworth Tower Residences.
Only three bedrooms though!
We'd like to issue a correction, and make an apology.
1% forever.
Woolworth Building: still got it.
Good news: you can still get tours of the Woolworth Building lobby.
How was your 100th birthday? Are you hungover? Did you do a lot of reflecting last night?
And suddenly, those fancy $100 million apartments on 57th Street look positively quaint.
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