Experts say outbreaks of waterborne illnesses are possible after flooding because sewage systems are overwhelmed.
“No federal, city or state agency comes around to check on anybody. Why is that so?”
Sixty-three partygoers face a rare $1,000 fine each for health code violations at the location, which was known to frequently hold pandemic parties, investigators said.
'We have no faith and confidence that the MTA has truly inspected every inch of elevated subway tracks in the city of New York. It isn't just the 7 line. It's all of the lines.'
'No one injured but someone is going to get killed here @MTA!'
'Luckily the driver was ok, but apparently he dropped someone off at Jollibee, was driving down Roosevelt, then this came right through his windshield around 65th. Thank God no one was hurt!'
The suspect apparently followed her off a bus.
9,000 Nepalis who fled to America following a devastating earthquake could face deportation.
The mail never stops, Jerry.
A botched purse snatching turned grisly.
The NYPD arrested one suspect, but the second is still at large.
He says his assailant was wearing an MTA uniform.
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