The owner said his asking rent last year shot up to roughly $5,400/month from $3,100.
A woman in her 50s was fatally struck by a driver while attempting to cross a notoriously deadly intersection in Woodhaven, Queens on Thursday morning.
Some historians believe it's the oldest bar in the city.
Police say the skater was riding down a hill when he exited the park and crashed.
Forty flags were burned on Thanksgiving.
It's where Mae West first performed, and it's been open for nearly 190 years.
Neighbors and friends of a quiet Chinese immigrant living in Queens say they suspect he was the real talent behind the works.
The NYPD is investigating whether the brutal stabbing of a 17-year-old girl in Queens is connected to a similar incident in the borough in June.
The QueensWay might be driving Woodhaven resident Neil Giannelli nuts, but it looks like the proposed elevated park really will happen:
A Woodhaven resident has been airing his opposition to the park through his blog NoWay QueensWay, and he's urging other people in Queens to get on board.
Six men were found shot to death in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn starting Friday afternoon through early Saturday morning.
All Nations Baptist Church in Woodhaven reportedly doesn't want NEBU Hookah Lounge to open up nearby, but the Lounge's owner isn't sure what all the fuss is about.
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