Wollman rink

Running from June 16th until October 1st at Wollman Rink, The DiscOasis will bring a mix of open skate sessions and theatrical performances amidst a glitzy, neon-tinged botanical backdrop.
The city says it's looking for an "experienced operator" for the rink while the non-profit organization is worried that the contract will go to a commercial operator instead.
Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink were expected to close Sunday evening, but City Hall announced late Sunday the rinks would remain open for the rest of the season.
The Trump Organization currently runs two skating rinks and a carousel in Central Park as well as a golf course in the Bronx.
Trump's name has been scrubbed from the rinks.
Police tell the Post the victim lost his glasses and couldn't see properly.
Before 6:40 a.m., a man was stabbed in Central Park. The
So just what is David Blaine doing to fill the time during
David Blaine spending 60 hours suspended upside down over Central Park's Wollman
David Blaine has been upside down since yesterday, and today his medical
Street illusionist-stunt fiend David Blaine embarked on his 60-hour project to
Unsurprisingly, doctors have some concerns over David Blaine, who announced his latest
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