“Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery,” a new podcast from WNYC, revisits the unsolved murders of John and Joyce Sheridan ⁠— a prominent New Jersey couple found stabbed to death in their suburban home in 2014.
CEO & President Laura Walker presided over growth of WNYC but left amid criticism over her handling of multiple allegations of misconduct and bullying.
Garfield's co-host Brooke Gladstone will continue to host the show, according to New York Public Radio.
NYPR has lost "millions in expected sponsorship funding" due to the pandemic, expanding a deficit that existed before the coronavirus shut down New York City and killed thousands of New Yorkers.
"Sending cosmic love to you, radio big brother. I’ll think of you every time in that half-second before the On Air light turns on."
"That sound that makes you feel that you are there and imagining exactly what the scene sounds like and what the characters look like—he was a master of that."
The 37-year-old eclectic music program, which has since its inception been hosted by John Schaefer, will continue to air seven nights a week on the radio and through its online stream.
Facing criticisms from music fans and company staff members, Goli Sheikholeslami, New York Public Radio's newly arrived CEO, said she would take the weekend to think about the fate of the show.
The news has provoked a deep sense of mourning and nostalgia for both the show and the city's eroding arts and culture scene.
"This couldn't be better, this plan exceeds my wildest expectations."
We called Sheikholeslami a few minutes after the press release landed in our inbox. She'll start her new job in October.
When Mobb Deep's Prodigy died last year after a life-long battle with sickle cell anemia, his passing shocked the hip hop world. Here's what we learned while making a podcast about him.
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