Marsh started her NYC career in 1979.
After his plan to give out fried chicken and watermelon in Harlem made news, he questioned the mental health of the reporter who reported it.
Morrison said this morning, via Twitter, "To those who prefer to believe the outright lies printed in the tabloids, I ain't mad at ya. Good luck."
Jet skiing through Hurricane Sandy isn't just for residents of the Garden State. Oh no, we can do that here in New York as well.
Chuck Scarborough loved Google too much.
Oops... Sue Simmons's name showed up during the 11 p.m. broadcast last night, right in front of her replacement Shiba Russell.
June 15th will be the last day Sue Simmons will be broadcasting on Channel 4 next to Chuck Scarborough... end of an era!
Or could WNBC let Chuck Scarborough go solo?
The scuttlebutt about Sue Simmons' non-renewal of contract.
It's the end of an era: Channel 4 has let Sue Simmons go, leaving Chuck all alone...
Have you noticed something missing from NBC's 11 PM news lately?
WNBC has gotten rid of Chopper 4, its news helicopter, as
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