Aaron Hand, already in jail for his role in a $100 million mortgage scheme, now faces 25 years to life for trying to hire a hitman to whack a witness who testified against him.
Police departments are being faced with changing a staple of law enforcement: The lineup.
atomische's flickr Witnesses claim that a corrections officer got into a
Jabbar Collins was freed yesterday after 15 years in prison. A day
still from video showing an NYPD tow truck blocking a fire
Officer Andrew Kelly at his arraignment. Last week the Daily News
A high-profile Manhattan defense lawyer took the stand yesterday to defend
The four officers accused of sodomizing a man with a radio antenna
Things are not looking good for the officers who have been accused
Sources in the NYPD say that a transit officer who participated in
A 29-year-old woman scheduled to testify in a kidnapping case today was
Prosecutors having intimate relationships with defense lawyers happens on TV shows all
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