Wintry mix

The National Weather Service predicts a wintry mix will lash NYC starting late Monday night into Tuesday morning, with sleet, freezing rain, and "significant ice accumulation."
The dreaded Wintry Mix is upon us.
We're looking at record-setting cold on Wednesday and maybe, just maybe, a little wintry mix to spice things up.
Prepare full snow response?!?!
The weekend's snow started its slushy transformation basically as soon as it hit the sidewalks last night.
Allegedly, we'll get two shots at snow this weekend, with accumulation possible tonight. I'll believe it when I see it!
Bulletin: Thursday brings a prelude to Saturday's snowstorm and Monday's frozen hellscape.
Saturday brings snow, then rain, while Sunday offers temperatures that "drop like a rock," laying the groundwork for a frozen hellscape.
Snow and freezing rain, mofos, snow and freezing rain.
Please help yourself to a warm cup of chamomile tea and a complimentary box of tissues, you've earned it.
The sloppy wet mess is expected to commence this evening and continue through Saturday afternoon. And then stay tuned for Monday hoo boy...
Behind the storm, Friday will start out warm and sunny with a high near 40, but there's a chance of romantic rain or snow showers on Friday evening.
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