Winter 2014

Ah, we've been here before, haven't we, Winter?
Meet the Uncle of the Motherfunnin' Year.
Temperatures could creep up into the 50s this weekend! And then plummet back down to the teens next week!
"My constituents were sick and tired of walking down the street and slipping and falling because some obnoxious homeowner has decided that they're exempt from cleaning their ice."
New York City is once again under siege this morning, as another heavy bombardment of white ordnance pummels the metropolis like so much snow.
A shocking thing happened yesterday: No snow! But Mother Nature's glaring omission will be rectified anon.
This guy knows how to reach into the frozen abyss of this eternal winter and pull out its still-beating, viral heart.
If the black ice doesn't get you, the bottomless slush lagoons will.
What was life even like before Twitter?
The added snow scenes were deleted from previous versions of "Winter" because test audiences reportedly found the relentless series of snowstorms "totally unrealistic."
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