Queens restaurant owner Diancai Zhou told the Post, “Arrrrrrghh! That could have been $640 million if only I had that one number!”
And the winners of the 17th annual Greenest Blocks in Brooklyn contest are...
The odds of winning the grand prize for Powerball are one in 195 million, and a group of Costco employees on Long Island have handily beaten those odds, winning a $201.9 million jackpot.
Lotto winner John Kutey. (Via Times Union) Meet state worker Michael
It's safe to assume that the greatest line cut comeuppance in
Photo via Amazin' Jane (Jane Kratochvil)'s flickr Yesterday's $355 million Mega
You are a worthless P.O.S. if you don't hire a bartender
The winners have been announced for the 16th annual Greenest Block contest
Last year the city’s Economic Development Corporation announced their NYC BigApps
You'll recall that last week Transportation Alternatives held their Biking Rules PSA
Dispersing two winning lotto tickets in eight weeks is pretty good
The 2009 Pulitzer Prizes were announced today, and the NY Times
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