Window washers

No injuries have been reported, and a rescue is underway.
When asked whether they would go back to window cleaning, Lizama and Lopez were divided. "Uh... there's a lot of ground floor jobs out there," said Lopez
"I'm a skydiver and I was freaked out," says one witness. "He was just holding onto the window frame. More power to him, but that's ballsy."
Two workers became trapped in broken scaffolding atop a building in midtown Manhattan this afternoon. [Update Below]
Safety harnesses are for amateurs—all the cutting-edge window washers know the real thrill of the job comes from working without any restrictions, with your body free to improvise a spontaneous interpretive dance with gravity.
It turns out that yesterday's dramatic scaffolding rescue wasn't exactly pulled off in simpatico: it seems police and firefighters launched separate rescue efforts concurrently, and have been trading barbs about it ever since.
The FDNY pulled off a dramatic rescue this morning after three window washers were suddenly clinging to life on a scaffolding that broke outside a building, 15 stories above 65th Street street.
Earlier this morning, two workers on a window washing rig were dangling
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and state Department of Labor were
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