Window washer

A scaffolding collapse in Manhattan left a window-washer stranded sixteen stories above the ground on Monday.
"His head landed in the snow pile and his legs and feet were on the concrete."
Firefighters had to cut throw three layers of glass to rescue the window washers.
According to an NYPD spokeswoman, the cable snapped at around 12:42 this afternoon near the 67th and 68th floors.
The scaffolding's power isn't working.
Is teetering on the edge of a high ledge sans harness a new and exciting trend in window-washing?
Firefighters cut a hole through the building's windows to rescue the men.
Yesterday afternoon, a window washer fell 12 stories to his death from
Two cousins working as window washers died early this morning at the
Last month, scaffolding holding two window cleaners outside a 47-floor building
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