Wind chill

Today's snow should mostly end by early afternoon, with a couple of inches piling up in the city.
The very active weather pattern of the past few days gave us an unusual temperature pattern in which the typical afternoon high/morning low was entirely ignored.
Possible Polar Vortex to follow.
It was cute while it lasted but, except for a few flakes here and there, the snow is pretty much over for the day, and perhaps even for the season.
Saturday morning will be cold. Then whoa: a temperature change.
Be careful out there today, and watch out for any wolves.
Prolonged exposure to wind chills this low may cause frostbite.
Just remember that cities like Miami have no culture!
The 800-pound gorilla in the forecast is a nor'easter that is going to develop toward the end of the week.
What is this, winter?
Brrr, a cold day is finally upon us.
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