Willow the cat

Willow the cat "bites" the hand that feeds her.
Feline good story ends on a high note!
How could Willow's microchip, with information about her Colorado home, not be detected? Well, there are some theories.
Willow the cat's family is excited at the prospect of being reunited with their cat—hopefully next week—and says "thank you" to the person who took care of her in New York.
Willow's NY owner "fell in love with her on a ski trip when she was a stray in Colorado, and flew her back to Brooklyn, thinking she was too amazing to leave behind."
Mayor Bloomberg believes Willow was drawn to NYC because even cats know New York is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD.
Willow's owner said, "My husband and I didn't want to tell the kids until we knew it was definitely her. They emailed the photo and it was her. The kids are so excited."
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