Williamsburg waterfront

The coffee shop Pudge Knuckles closed in mid-June 2016, when a fire in its century-old Williamsburg building set off sprinklers that flooded the place.
The building was the scene of five fires in just over a month.
Smiling kids and industrial decay don't mix.
"I'm angry you have to be here. I'm angry I have to be here. I'm angry my kids have to be here. They should be in the park!"
Back in 1992, Williamsburg was nowhere near the Starbucks index.
Newcomer Brooktober Fest and the 4th annual Taste of Williamsburg Greenpoint will hit the neighborhood on September 21 and 22.
Complaining about stuff: alive and well in 2012.
Ladies and gents, here's your new Williamsburg Waterfront park.
The Open Space Alliance is moving the summer concert series two blocks north on the Williamsburg Waterfront, to 50 Kent... and they need your help.
Widespread Panic fans say the crowd was pretty tame at Saturday's concert in Williamsburg.
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