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A cocktail of unplanned subway dysfunction and and unannounced bridge closures brought heightened chaos to much of the city.

When the L train shuts down, the M14 will become the busiest bus line in America, at one bus per minute, according to an MTA release.

The company will add a total of 2,500 docking points and 1,250 bikes on either side of the Williamsburg Bridge, as well as 1000 pedal-assist bikes.

From 1959 to 1961, Rollins spent 16 hours per day practicing on the bridge, and credited that time with making him a better musician.

He allegedly had 9 or 10 vodka drinks in three hours while partying with fellow traffic enforcement officers before the crash.

The driver was allegedly intoxicated and traveling at nearly twice the speed limit.

She had reportedly just celebrated her 21st birthday.

It's unclear if he was struck by a vehicle or if he fell from another part of the bridge.