William thompson

Six potential mayors got together to talk mold, Sandy and Bloomberg last night. And there were at least two good jokes.
Because the 2013 mayoral election is over two years away, there's
Now that President Obama has officially opened himself up for criticism about
The latest Quinnipiac poll put Bloomy's approval ratings at 69%, and holding
With polls recently citing that half of the city is annoyed by
In the first Democratic mayoral debate between City Comptroller William Thompson
After talking to the victim of the "skank blogger" last week,
The Daily News and NY Times are reporting that District 37,
Despite a mad dash at the deadline to hit the minimum
Photo of the current slow-moving swipe line regularly seen on crosstown
Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson was downplaying controversy that he sat by
A city committee has paved the way for the Parks Department
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