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There were no less than EIGHT cameos this week, including Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Ryan Reynolds, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, Larry David, and Woody Harrelson.
Chris Hemsworth did a great job during his second time hosting SNL, whether he was praising himself while dressed in drag, punching Pete Davidson in the genitals, ignoring gunshot wounds or singing obscure Xmas songs.
"You've got to admit, it's a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one," he said about Jeb! Bush.
We should probably add "a pajama-clad Billy Eichner yelling 'Scrooge! Scrooge!'" to the list of quintessential NYC moments.
The Lower East Side bar is a giant Catalina wine mixer-flavored love letter to the cinematic works of Will Ferrell.
Will Ferrell has gotten in on the madness, crashing a fan party in Recife, Brazil to pump up the crowd: "If the game gets close, I will bite, I will bite the opponent."
"Do you play for the Lukewarm Chili Peppers?"
Michelle Obama was in town last night to promote healthy living campaign 'Let's Move!', and she pushed that anti-fat agenda hard,
Rudd was predictably likable as host of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend—and he brought along tons of guests, including Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Dave Koechner, Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen and One Direction.
There will be crack smoking, terrariums filled with scorpions, gay vampires, baby sharks, dance numbers and fault condoms in the new film.
An insider on the film, which is currently being shot in Atlanta, told us: "They just said it's actually about the NYC news market, so some scenes will be shot there.
Two years ago, a really tall "Elf" aficionado dressed up as Buddy, running around midtown recreating scenes from the film. As you can see in the video below, he's just as awkwardly tall as ever.
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