Wild bird fund

It's believed that another raptor drove Blair into the glass in order to protect its territory in Downtown Brooklyn.
The bird, who was named Blair after Linda Blair's character in The Exorcist ("because he can turn his head all the way around"), is expected to be okay.
A red-tailed hawk tumbled from an aerial battle Tuesday morning, crashing into a restaurant's window and sustaining a mild concussion.
The above flyer was spotted and posted on Reddit today—it seems someone may be purposefully trying to kill off birds (and/or other animals) in Manhattan with poisoned cracked corn.
"Lots of us see how pigeons are maligned and ignored. If you have that thread running through you, you know what it's like,"
Chukars are raised for the table, and this one may have escaped slaughter. Maybe this bird should just grow a beard and squat in the Domino factory?
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