The activist, comedian, former radio host at WBAI is of interest because Roger Stone has accused him of being his back channel to Wikileaks.
The CFO of the DNC suggested in an email that pressing Sanders' on his religious beliefs would be a totally awesome idea.
In his latest film, We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, Alex Gibney takes on Julian Assange, the embattled founder of the now-infamous classified information sharing site
British authorities have threatened to raid the Ecuadorian embassy to retrieve Assange, which spurred a rebuke from a council of South American nations that includes Ecuador and Venezuela.
"Under our law, with Mr Assange having exhausted all options of appeal, the British authorities are under a binding obligation to extradite him to Sweden. We shall carry out that obligation."
It appears that NY Times executive editor Bill Keller has had his Twitter account hacked. There's also a convincing-looking editorial defending WikiLeaks under his fake byline.
Unless a last ditch effort pays off big time, it looks like the Wikileaker is going to have to face those sexual abuse allegations in Sweden.
A truck bearing the name of one of the world's most secretive and famous websites was spotted at Fox News HQ.
"Why did you trade Jay Buhner?" Considering how much time he
Wikileaks honcho Julian Assange is going back Sweden. A British court
(via hive's flickr) Were there more 9/11 plotters than previously reported?
Say cheese! (via Magne.Alvheim's flickr stream) In a long feature for
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