After all, you don't want to have to make eye contact with a stranger, right?
Once again, someone — or someones?? — have shattered the screens on a number of our local data sponges.
If surveillance is your concern, then the cameras probably aren't your biggest problem.
Although the overall wireless reception across the subway system is improving, some stations are still stuck in the stone age.
A reader sent us a video of two men watching porn.
"New Yorkers' private online activities shouldn't be used to create a massive database that's within the ready grasp of the NYPD."
This one goes out to everyone who just can't wait to exit the subway station to send tips to Gothamist.
It's a $5 million class action lawsuit.
LinkNYC is being pushed as a "first-of-its-kind communication network," but the city faces a daunting task safeguarding the privacy of its users.
He says the program will simply exacerbate the digital divide because, well, it probably will.
Google donated $1M to the program, which rolls out this month.
Construction of the new network is scheduled to begin in early 2015. CityBridge is authorized to build up to 1,000 such hotspots around the city.
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