Why not

In New York, there's joy even in mediocrity, and sometimes "good enough" is just fine.
With slashed budgets, cops are looking for ways to save money. Pedi-Cages may be the solution.
Reportedly the president has already signed off on the nomination, she just needs to finish her vetting.
No need to watch the Oscars, we've got your winners right here.
An obscure, recently arrested, former television actor named George Clooney is getting ready to launch a line of tequila with Cindy Crawford's husband Rande Gerber.
England, the place that brought us Andrew Lloyd Weber, Ghost The Musical and the straight play of The Graduate (to name just a few of its gifts) is at it again.
New Jersey authorities let a man board a flight even though they found a hidden knife in his bag.
Seen on a NYC subway: An ad for pubic hair dye. Yes,
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