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Let's talk about the CATS trailer, since we likely won't stop hearing about it until this thing comes out in December anyway.

The streaming service was free for library cardholders, but that stops on July 1st.

The company's CEO won't rule out the possibility of crashing the city's beaches this summer, as he has done in Miami.

'This is the Fyre Festival of wings. Biggest scam in New York City.'

'Usually we would never see buses knocked out for bedbugs. It seems to be an epidemic that's spreading.'

The cafe's owner claims the landlord has four months security deposit.

The only thing more pernicious to Hamptons residents than an infestation of blood-sucking ticks is an infestation of attention-sucking reality stars.

The lawsuit was filed in Brooklyn and states that the name Halo Top makes one think of yellow which makes one think of butter which makes one think of real ice cream. Or something.