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This put a real pin prick into this charming tale of altruistic onanism.

A Brooklyn man accidentally shot himself in the groin after cops spotted him urinating in the street early this morning.

The opening "has been abruptly closed to the public for reasons unknown."

A ritual sage burning is definitely the way to ingratiate yourself with your new neighbors.

This was not a glass ceiling anyone wanted shattered.

CitiBike released some startling new figures that could change our understanding of space and time.

Dae Do definitely didn't need to be Loki in order to steal an $82K Audi from a parking lot in Tribeca—all he had to do was conjure up some crocodile tears and ask for it.

Correction officers at Rikers committed a major "oopsie" yesterday when they accidentally released an inmate who wasn't slated to leave the jail for another year.

There was one little problem with Chen Guangbiao's great homeless giveaway: the whole $300 part was a complete misunderstanding, which led to a bit of a shitshow in the Park today.