White supremacy

Everyone he encountered in New Jersey seemed to know he was a white supremacist, but he wasn’t arrested until after he stormed the Capitol. A judge now says he must remain jailed until trial.
They are MAGA in miniature—a coalition of adherents of a variety of extremist ideologies, often radicalized online, and always aligned in support of former President Donald Trump
The leader of the militant neo-Nazi group was married in NYC in 2012, and previously owned an apartment in Midtown.
The footage comes as a growing number of Patriot Front-linked posters have raised alarm in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, prompting an NYPD investigation and stern rebukes from local officials and residents.
This is the 10th in a string of racist, anti-Semitic, and otherwise bigoted incidents that have occurred on campus since November 7th.
The co-host of Richard Spencer's has taught psychology at multiple CUNY colleges, and maintains a hypnotherapy practice in Downtown Brooklyn.
Two stirring new plays examine white supremacy in America.
Several racist flyers railing against the 'invasion of Black thugs' and 'radical Islam' appeared in Woodlawn on Thursday.
Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn on Sunday to show solidarity with the counterprotesters who risked their lives to confront the white supremacists.
"You are a f---ing immigrant. Go back to your country."
"Why are all black men women-beaters?" the now-former director of accounting allegedly asked one worker.
Police said, "He was roaming through the streets."
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