White plains

An internal document from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office raises serious concerns about police conduct in the high-profile case.
One person was killed and another two injured in shootings Wednesday in Brooklyn.
The cop, who also killed himself, had been discussing separation with his wife.
A witness said: "One girl upstairs decides to come out of bathroom. She refused to give him money, and he pushed her in front of the train."
A woman survived after she was shoved onto the train tracks in front of an oncoming Metro-North train in Westchester earlier today.
The Journal News said that their readers are "well equipped to make up their own minds about the relevance of the" map of handgun permits.
A Westchester County grand jury has voted to not indict the White Plains officer who fatally shot an unarmed chronically ill elderly black man.
“I’m for (Officer) Carelli getting a fair hearing, also...Let the facts speak for themselves. But did my father get a fair hearing? No, he (Carelli) played judge and executioner right then and there.”
Police finally revealed the name of the officer who shot Marine veteran Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.—and it turns out that Officer Anthony Carelli is due in court this month in a police brutality case.
An unarmed chronically ill elderly black man was fatally shot by police after an hour-long standoff last November during which an officer allegedly screamed: "I don't give a f*** n*****, open the door."
There's a P.F. Chang's in White Plains, too!
Three women, who were traveling separately, say they were ejected, one by one, from an AirTran flight out of West Palm Beach yesterday afternoon for simply airing grievances.
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