White house

The mayoral nominee says he wants to partner with the federal government to track the flow of illegal guns.
Jerome Foster has been included among a group of advisers to the president–a remarkable journey from protesting in front of the White House
After months of hovering around 1%, the share of people of testing positive for COVID statewide is unmistakably rising.
"It just does not happen, except for in countries that have authoritarian rule."
Talk about a person-first, grassroots campaign!
Around 2,000 children have been separated from their families since April 19.
The rollback aims to make it easier for employers to object for moral or religious reasons.
But before that, the Mooch is complaining about New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza.
"Do you hear me, Reince?
'I know they’re not really called the ‘Holocaust centers’…I clearly meant to say ‘concentration club,’ okay?'
The good news is, Trudeau managed to escape Trump's handshake of doom! The bad news is, Trump is still President.
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